Court Order and Personal Property

Hi, I had a Court Order signed in Fall of 2009. The Order stated I got to keep what was in my possession and my X got to keep what was in her possession except for a hot tub. I had a hot tub of hers that I allowed her to come and get as well as some dishes. She came one day while I was gone and got the items above AND an item that was mine. We went to Court last week to have a realtor appointed and in my filing re this, I also asked the judge to facilitate the return of my personal item called out above.

In his ruling, he stated that since the personal item was not specifically called out in the original order that he would not order her to return it, even though she admitted to taking it.

Is there anything I can do about this? It doesn’t seem fair…

The judge seems to have made his decision, absent an appeal on the issue you do not have any recourse.