Court ordered equitable distribution payment

After the divorce was finalized, my ex-husband was ordered to pay me for his portion of what was owed in the property division hearing. He abandoned the marriage and left me holding the bag financially. The debt was to be split 50-50. I ended up paying everything and the judge ordered him to pay me for his half. Both he and his command have ignored the order. He is a marine stationied in california currently on deployment. He had ample time to see to this before his deployment and blew off the court order. what are my options? Due to the wording of the order, DFAS will not honor it. Do i take this up with the IG in Camp Pendleton? Will they be able to help or will i get the run around again? I was advised that disreguarding a court order is grounds for USMJ action, I’m not looking to attack his career, but I will do whatever i need to do. I have done all i could to handle this in a civil fashion, but to no avail. Can you please help me?

Thanks for your time

You may file a motion for contempt in the court where the Order was issued, I cannot advise you on military law.