Criminal charge for cheating spouse

I am a married to a gentleman from Kenya Africa who moved out of our home in July 2010 and moved in with a woman from his country who is now due to have his baby in April. They live in the state of Georgia. The affair to my knowledge started in July 2009. I decided to go ahead with the divorce but told him I wanted alimony but he refused saying he will have his child to take care of. He also gets very upset that i will not put the reason for our divorce is due to ‘irreconcilable differences.’ He doesn’t think he is cheating and says I am trying to incriminate him. I want to know if he can be charged criminally and will he have to pay me alimony? Also can any charges be brought against the woman since he kept going to Georgia to see her the whole time, the only thing is she would call him and talk to him even though she knew he was home with me, also can you recommend a lawyer if you think i can be helped or let me know if it something i can go to the criminal court and do myself?

Prosecutors decide which crimes to prosecute, and likely will not go after a person for alleged adultery, though he does not have to be convicted of the crime for you to receive alimony. If you were the dependant spouse and are actually and substantially dependant on his income, he will be ordered to pay.

You need to file an action for alimony in civil district court if you are so entitled.

thank you for your response.

You are most welcome.