Criminal Conversation / Alienation of Affection

I know all about these and what they entail. I’m not concerned about my STBX attempting to file a suit against the man that he ACCUSES me of having an affair with primarily because that man has NO MONEY and NO PROPERTY and not even a job so even if the STBX did try to file suit, he wouldn’t get a thing.

However, I’m curious as to really HOW OFTEN these suits are truly filed? Aren’t they usually filed against people who have a good bit of money and assets? This man has nothing but a broken down old pick up truck.

I’m not sure of the statistics on filings, however these suits are filed it is more often than one would imagine.

This article appearing on the Rosen Law Firm website

states that “more than 200 alienation actions are filed in an average year” [in North Carolina].

However, that article may be out of date because says that “conduct which occurs after the date of separation is enough on its own to maintain an action for criminal conversation” which Erin Clarey recently confirmed (in response to a question i posted) is no longer true as of October 1, 2009.