Criminal conversation average penalties



I cannot file a cliam for AA because 1)it can be proven via journals that the marriage was not happy prior to the paramour coming into the picture, and 2)a letter was given to the spouse which expressly forgives them for the affair.

However, I know a CC claim can be filed. I am trying to do a cost/benefit analysis and was wondering

1 - in the last 5 years, how many CC (and non-AA) claims have been filed at your firm?
2-of those claims, how many were successful?
3-what were the average penalties for the defendent?
4-what was the average cost for the lawsuit?
5-were company phone/email records subpoenaed and used?



There are no average awards and/or penalties. Each case is different and each jury comes back with a different verdict. The cost of suit depends on if and when the case settles or goes to trial, but can easily be upwards of $20,000.00. Company phone records and emails can be used in court as supporting circumstantial evidence of an affair.


It makes sense that it would vary significantly. Can you tell me how many cc/non-aa claims have been filed at Rosen this year? And how many have been successful?


I can tell you that most of these types of cases take longer than a year to be complete, and that we do have a team of experienced attorneys who are qualified to handle these claims.