Criminal conversation retainer fee?


I am under the impression that a retainer fee for filing a criminal conversation lawsuit could be quite hefty, and that attorneys in Meck county would require this upfront (as opposed to taking the fee from the final award). Is this true?


Most attorneys do require a substantial retainer fee for a third party case.


Also understand that the MAJORITY of cases never make it to court. Many are dropped or settled. I paid a $3500 retainer upfront to defend myself against such a case. The person suing me paid much more in retainer fees. The case was dropped for several reasons…no recoup of money.

These cases can drag out forever. Mine dragged out for about a year and we only got through the ‘discovery’ phase. This is where the retainer comes it…to pay the lawyers to do that work.


Are we talking 10’s of thousands here or what? I know it’s hard to estimate bc each case is different. Just looking for a ballpark.


It really depends on the individual attorney.