Criminal conversion vs alienation of affection

My wifes attitude toward me changed when she joined an excersize program in july. I caught her with another man that she met and found feelings for at that excersize program on one occassion before our trial seperation and again since . She has admitted to being with him intimately on 3 occasions and many other emotionally. She wants out of marriage and I believe the the killer blow was that she has given her heart to this man. Of course I am bitter and hurt, but she is also about to put my family in real financial trouble if she goes through with a second residence. How difficult is it to sue for criminal conversion vs alienation? How costly ? what is your experience in how successfull these suits are. How much money does the paramour have to make to make it even worth the suit and finally. Do these suits tend to be settled out of court or does a judge rule on most of these., Thanks.

Once again, I am not an attorney but I can give you some general advice. Anyone can sue anyone at anytime for any reason. Filing a lawsuit is easy. The tricky part is winning. The other tricky part is financing a lawsuit. You would have to have sufficient funds in order to do this. Therefore, I would recommend that you schedule an initial free consultation with an attorney. He or she can give you a realistic assessment of what it might cost and the probability that you will succeed. Make a decision with the correct information.

That was good advice. All fact patterns for these types of cases are different, and your likelihood of success and collecting on the judgment will vary from case to case. It is best to have a full consultation to see what your options are and determine how you should proceed.