CS/Alimoney and Change of venue

I currently have the longest running divorce case in Camden County NC. I have been divorced since 2003 and my ex is continually taking me back to court for Alimony/Child Support arrears etc…I have paid my obligations and more according to the orders but there are some discrepancies…However, the CS attorney objected to the submission of past, cashed checks that I have written and the judge allowed it, leaving me to have to pay twice! I have not received any documentation from the CS Attorney stipulating what exactly they think I owe so I can produce evidence of payment. The clerk of the court has lost my records of payments to them as well…although I have my pay stubs indicating the garnishment that was being taken out and sent to them every month!

All my children are over 18 and moved away, out of state and my ex has moved back to England where she is from. But I am still in a legal battle with the court over this. My Ex doesn’t even come to court!!! I now live in Florida and have done for some years. So, one can I get a change of venue to a Florida court?? And how can I prove to the court that I have paid my obligations when the court will not accept receipts from the CS agency or cashed checks made out to them and to my ex for CS/Alimony???


I am sorry you are dealing with this situation. Alimony orders can never change jurisdiction from the state that initially entered the Order, so an attempt to move that order to Florida will be unsuccessful.

With regard to child support issue, is there a pending action? If your ex has moved out of country how is she enforcing the child support? It sounds like you may need to consult with a Camden County attorney to discuss, procedurally, what is happening and see how you can provide the court with the evidence of the payments made.