Custody Calendar

I have a quick question:

Typically, when is the starting date for a custody calendar? In trying to shift dates around to show that we don’t qualify for support worksheet B, my ex has used the start of the school calendar, January first and the date that the court order was signed. Personally, I think that the last option makes the most sense.


I have not ever used a typical start date for the calendar, and usually just begin visitation when an agreement is reached.

During my hearing, I was told that everything prior to the date of the motion being filed is inadmissible. So, to answer my own question, the custody calendar starts on the filing date, so be be aware of that before filing your motion. The Judge was very strict about adhering to worksheet A or B guidelines for only the current year, so if I had filed my motion in July instead of August I’d be looking at a $450 dollar a month reduction in support. Granted, I would never agree to pay so small an amount, but at least it would give me the flexibility to work out a more equitable arrangement.