If you guys have worked it out that you will live there, then no, you can stay there–but if the court (or yourselves) have mandated the sale, then it has to go. However, I’m certain you will have to refinance the house in your name, and unless you can do that, it might be worthwhile to sell it.

The answer depends on whether the court awards you possession of the home. If you are awarded possession of the home as type of child support then you are entitled to use it until the court makes a change to that arrangement. Once that arrangment is changed then you must deal with the house pursuant to equitable distribution. Our courts lack the authority (although some make a contrary argument) to force a sale of the house. If you are awarded the home in equitable distribution you may owe a distributive award to your spouse (which may or may not be paid immediately depending on the terms of the order). Our courts lack the authority to order a refinance and generally this does not occur.

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