Custody of premature baby


How old is the baby now? If he is the father, he has the right to see the child. If she doesn’t allow him to see the child, he will have to take her to court.


Your brother has an absolute right to see his child, and should file an action for custody immediately. As the father of a newborn he needs to establish a pattern of learning to care for his infant and to strengthen his bond with the baby.
While one can never say what any particular judge will do, especially in the case of a preemie, I will say that your brother will be allowed to see the baby, and as long as it does not truly endanger the baby to be away from its mother, he will have visitation overnight. Judges appreciate that breast milk can be pumped and stored, and they don


This question is for my brother. He has been with his girlfriend off and on for over 5 years. Her parents are crazy, her dad is a drunk with multiple DUI’s. When the baby was born my brother was in the OR with her, he even stayed at her parents house, as uncomfortable as they made it for him, for a week. Now she asked him to leave, but told him her and the baby would stay with him for the weekend. Weekend is here and she said she doesn’t think the baby should go to his house. She also said she wuld not bring the baby over because he is premature and has to stay with the mother. She has him convinced there is no point in even taking her to court because he is a premie and they would never take him from the mother, even for every other weekend. My family has this new baby that we are not even allowed to see. She claims to breastfeed, thats one reason he has to stay with her. Truth is she only does it for about 5 min. and then gives the baby formula. I also know from experience that there is no reason you can not pump milk and freeze it for later. He really wants half custody, they live a quarter of a mile down the road from each other. Does he have a case? Would he be able to get one week with him,. one week with her? He says he would even be happy with just every other weekend until the baby reaches 8 or 9 lbs. then go one week here, one week there. What should he do?