Custody question

Hi, I have a question regaurding Custody my Ex and I have pretty much verbally agreed to a custody and we are following it and have had no problems so far but there is no documents signed only verbal agreement… at the moment the agreement is more like a 40/60 I have them 60 percent of the time he has them 40 its been like this for a year now… I want to make it that I have full custody and he has the weekend visitation… the reasoning is there have been issues that have came up regaurding school and doctor visits and hospital stays where he has shown lack of or no intrest at all… He does not attend any of their parent teacher confrences or any of this and doesnt show intrest in it… my daughter was in the hopital and needed a transfusion he acted like it was no big deal this disturbed me greatly… there are also alot of other things that have been done that I do not agree with like taking them to R rated movies and things of this nature… we DO NOT get along and cannot speak to each other with out a fight… I try to let him know but he acts like whatever… do you think that if I take him to court for full custody the judge would rule in my favor??

I cannot predict what the outcome of any one case will be, but would urge you to move forward with a custody case to have a schedule set, and your side of the case presented to the judge. His lack of regard for the children’s well being if proved, will certainly help your case.