The court is mandated to look at the “best interest” for the children. If I were your husband and wanted to have joint or full custody of the children I would do everything possible to show that I can provide a more stable and safer environment for the children. Photos of living conditions, fact that she does not have a home, the temporary custody…all of this will help.

I have a question in regards to custody for a father. My husband and I recently got temporary custody of his 2 kids because of phycial abuse in the home to the oldest child (a boy age 8, the other is a girl age 4). I would like to know what rights he has as a father to keep custody of these kids because at the present time she (ex-wife) is pregnant out of wedlock, stays sometimes with her boyfriend and sometimes with her mother. She does not have a stable home for these kids and there are also other things such as unsanitary living conditions etc. She has counter sued stating that the kids have always lived with her and that the temporary custody issue was a revenge issue. Not so my husbands greatest concern is the well being of the children. Any suggestions?