need your advice,i met this girl she was staying with some friends i was 21 at the time she told me she was 18 going to be 19 soon. she had been dating this other boy that was 26 at the time they had broke up.they had a party that night all of us where drinking and we had sex. she got pregant but she told me she thought it belong to another boy. i got married to another girl that we had kids together.then they came and wanting me to take a dna test after then child was 3years old , it came back that i was the father. so i step up to plate started paying child support getting the child on friday and taking him back on saturday but he and one day durning the week. all this time i been dealing with the grandmother because the mother is on drugs and showing up when she wants to.after 8 weeks of getting my son the the grandmother wants me to sign my rights over because she wants to adopted him. i told her no so she filed for custody and i did to .when we went to court for temporary custody until custody can be decided her lawyer throws a bomb shell.the girl was only 15 at the time she lied about her age they are threaten me with statetory rape if i persude custody hearings. i am pose to go to mentation hearings with the grandmother.what do i do.