Dating during separation


My separation has been civil so far, with no talk of a separation agreement or divorce planning. Now my spouse wants my written permission to date other people. Is there any legal reason I should not write such a statement? I don’t want to prevent it on personal terms, but I don’t understand why having it in writing should be important to either party.


Not a lawyer

There is no advantage to you signing any such statement. I would say that you are uncomfortable signing agreements that could be considered to be legal documents and would prefer not to.

Depending on what you sign, if your husband had a relationship with another woman prior to your separation, you could potentially compromise leverage against your spouse with respect to AOE and CC claims. If he is an honest person and didn’t form a relationship prior to your separation, then it may not be a big deal.

Good luck.


It can be without effect or negative for you, but there is absolutely no good reason or positive side of signing that kind of paper, so NO do not sign anything.


Whether you choose to sign something allowing your spouse to date is truly up to you. And without knowing the contents of the “piece of paper” it is hard to know exactly what you are agreeing to.

There are certain reasons that post-separation relationships can affect your divorce proceedings, though. For instance, if your spouse starts dating someone now, and you find out that he or she was having an affair with that person during the marriage, you can use evidence of the post-separation relationship as corroborating evidence of the affair. Also, technically it is a crime in North Carolina for a married person to have sex with another person (crime of adultery). Although things seem amicable now, I would be cautious about signing anything that compromised your rights.