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If you don’t mind me asking, what is it that you don’t like about having your daughter’s care being given by a person rather than a center? Have you met this person and found things not to your standard? I will agree that you have to be very careful about letting your children into stranger’s homes, but the people in centers are strangers also. If you have looked into the change and decided that it’s not good that’s one thing, but please don’t just count it out just because it’s not what you want. Taking everything in to consideration what is best for your daughter? Besides right now she’s only considering it, if you try to bully her she might do it just for spite.


In your agreement who has tie breaking authority meaning if you can’t agree who has the last word. but I would think she will not be able to move unless its a better facility than the one she is currently at but if agreed on the one shes at and you are paying for it then she stay where shes at, if she decides to move her then it should be her responsibility to pay for it. My Opinion


Some of the reasons I prefer for my daughther to be in a daycare center as opposed to an individual watching her: 1)The centers I am considering have staff that are trained in CPR and first aid 2)theoretically, at a center I will know where my daugher is, with an individual, she might get in the car and go who knows where 3)the centers have structured activities and help with school work 4) the centers are always open (with a few exceptions), with an individual, they could become unavailable at any time, with no prior notice, and then where would my daughter go? 5) centers usually have some criteria for who is around the children, with an individual, there is no telling who might be hanging out at their house… these are just a few reasons why I would prefer for may daughter to be in a center.


So actually its in the best interest of the child to go to a licensed daycare because the are goverend by state to meet mandated guidlines, but its more convient for the mom because its right across the street. Humm,what do you think a judge would do? Answer: whats best for the child. IF you are that against it you might have to seek an attorney, So who has the final disicission, but if you have already agreed on the facility where you live then she should remain there untill you can agree on a different because if she moves the child without you agreeing she has broken the seperation agreement.


Dear jcom100:

Greetings. I would need to see all the language on custody in the agreement, but it sounds like if you don’t agree, then you don’t pay. The problem here is that she could very easily just go and take you to child support enforcement to get you to pay if she enrolls the child in daycare that you don’t agree on. Thanks.

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my separation agreeement specifies that I pay for our daughter’s daycare at an “agreed upon” facility, which up till now has been in the town where I live. My ex has moved to a neighborign town and our daughter will be living with her during the week. My ex has informed me that she is considering having her next door neighbor watch her after school. I don’t like this idea. I want my daughter in a licensed daycare facility. Can I mandate that or is that already implied by the current separation agreement?