Dead Beat Moms

That might depend on Cali. family law, I take it that this is your girlfriend ask yourself or her "how did your husband end up with the children"and why she didn’t get joint custody.


I’m in California and I’ve run across your website.

I have a friend who went through a really bad divorce. Most of the monthly alimony was reduced because of bogus claims. Needless to say that the ex-husband is very vindictive.

She has been there for her kids and has been a very involved mom (teacher meetings, shuttling kids around etc.)

The divorce was so squed in his favor that it left her financilly strapped. She is unable to pay the monthly child support at this time and has been threatened to be reported as a “deadbeat mom”.

I’m not sure what the legal definition of a “deadbeat Mom or Dad” is. Can she fall into that category?

Thank you


California Kid