Deadbeat dad shows up after 5 years


chances are he will get some sort of visitation

go after him for the unpaid child support through the NC Child Support Enforcement. Request increase in child support. If he makes full payment then maybe he has grown up and realizes his past mistakes if he hasn’t then he may crawl back under the rock from which he came.



Deadbeat dad shows up after 5 years of abandonment of his two boys.
Now all of a sudden he wants to be in their life. After only paying $77 a month in child support part of the 5 years.
The boys don’t even know who he is since the last time they saw him they were 2 and 5.
Do you think that he will be able to get visitation rights soon?
I don’t even think that he is mentally stable. He has a violent history, how long will a restraining order keep him away?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.