Dealing with child support ap is military

I am feeling lost and like no one has been of any help through the local state child support agency. A little background information, I have contacted my child support case worker many times to have a review completed and even her supervisor. My son’s father is currently in the military and stationed in TX, while we are living in NC. My ex pays little every month and we have not had a review in over 3 1/2 years. The current order is based off when he lost his job before him joining the military. I contacted my case worker to have a review started for a potential increase but according to child support enforcement they are unable to locate him as of now because he will not respond to any letters sent to him or return their phone calls. I know his contact information (address, phone number and even his military location of his unit and their contact information) all of this was given to the child support enforcement supervisor I personally saw. I feel as if i keep getting the run around from them and would like to know if anybody knows what my next steps should be, since child support is not doing what they are suppose to according to the North Carolina child support manual online I have read over. He has been paying very little for the past 3 1/2 years that was based upon him not working at all, and all his child support per month can pay for is school lunch. Please help me!

Thank you!

The child support enforcement agency is likely doing the same thing that private counsel would do to try to locate and serve him. Sometimes when dealing with the agency the process is longer.

Is there any specific support enforcement agency in New York city… If any then post here related location please…

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    Have you thought to do some legal work on your own?

Do you know your X’s rank? Location, possible salary? (You can find that online based on his rank. He is most likely receiving BAH/BAQ because he has claimed that child as a dependent.

What to do?
Go to County Court (where your original child support order was obtained) & file a motion to “Modify” the support. I don’t know the cost but you can find out each step. Make sure you have the Military pay chart to back up your reasons/proof of his increase in pay to increase Child Support. Also if you need advice/counsel as to what to do, then use Rosen Online to help you.

Sometimes you just have to do it yourself, while your at it, ask if you can be reimbursed for legal costs.

Once you have the new order, submit it to CEA.

Best of luck!

This forum is for questions regarding North Carolina law. While I can almost guarantee that there is child support enforcement agency or a similar government agency in New York City, your question is outside of the scope of this forum.