Disability annuity partition

I was divorced in ohio 1998, and part of the ED was railroad TIER II benefits, the decree calls for 50% of the current value
($631) i dont have a problem with that. What i did not assume that i would go on disablity the RRB handbook for attorneys
has a paragraph that addresses this issue if you “explicitly dont include disabliity” my atty missed this. I dont have a problem
allowing this deduction when i start pension at 60.

My question is that I heard that NC law does not permit the partition of disablity annuity, since this wasnt explicitly determined either
way in final decree can i assert NC law now to protect that benefit now that i am a NC reseident, or do i have to just eat it.

The decree is pursuant to Ohio law, and any modification will be under that state’s law as well.

thank you for prompt response and for the
forum to gather information.