If I am 100% disabled from the Veterans Administration for a psychiatric disease. Can you file grounds for divorce from bed and board incurable insanity? If I am doing well on my medication how strong would her case be?


I seen this on your website:

50-5.1. Grounds for absolute divorce in cases of incurable insanity

§ 50-5.1. Grounds for absolute divorce in cases of incurable insanityIn all cases where a husband and wife have lived separate and apart for three consecutive years, without cohabitation, and are still so living separate and apart by reason of the incurable insanity of one of them, the court may grant a decree of absolute divorce upon the petition of the sane spouse: Provided, if the insane spouse has been released on a trial basis to the custody of his or her respective spouse such shall not be considered as terminating the status of living “separate and apart” nor shall it be considered as constituting “cohabitation” for the purpose of this section nor shall it prevent the granting of a divorce as provided by this section.

Can she file divorce from bed and board in a case of insanity since I am 100 percent disabled?


Absolute divorce is not the same thing as a divorce from bed and board, and a divorce based on incurable insanity is not an attractive option for the sane spouse at it requires financial support. Further, a disability is not the same think as insanity.