Discovery incomplete

My stbx wife has finally revealed her discovery, however, it was turned in almost 3 weeks late, past the extension granted.
The discovery is approximately 10-15% complete, and even that part of it has some obvious false and easily proven false facts.
Isn’t this contempt? I don’t know why my attorney hasn’t charged her with it yet?
Or if there is some unspoken understanding that an extension may be granted without motion?
I’m confused.

Also, she claims we had a joint checking account, states the bank but no account numbers,e tc.
I checked with said bank, and that’s not true.
What happens when there are false statements made on discovery?

One is not automatically held in contempt. You must file a motion to compel discovery. If she does not comply you may than file a motion to have her held in contempt for failing to abide by the discovery order.

If she makes false statements in response to discovery it will at the very least impact the judges view of her credibility in court when you and your attorney prove that she was dishonest.