Dismiss Order to Show Cause hearing

We have a calendar date set with court for this Thursday for my Order to Show Cause because my ex-wife refused to comply with consent order signed by judge. Yesterday, she finally stepped up and met all the requirements in the consent order and I would like to dismiss this hearing. How do I go about doing that?

Do I need to file a Motion to Dismiss? Do I need to file WAKE-DOM-08 “Order Dismissing Order to Show Cause - Consent Order?” I do not want to waste the courts time and want to dismiss since she has met the terms of the consent order. It is too bad that she made me file a show cause.


Yes, you should use that form to dismiss the hearing. Both of you can consent to this and it will need to go before a judge for signature to become an Order of the court. Call the clerk’s office to see if you need to schedule a hearing for the Order or if you can drop it off with them and they will have a judge sign it without a hearing.