Disposal of property left at my home

My STBX left his old ragged horse trailer on my property. He said he doesn’t want it and I should “cut it up for scrap metal and sell it.” I have no way of doing that, nor do I have the title to the trailer. Is there anything I can do to make him move it off my property?

Unfortunately, you cannot force him to remove the trailer unless there is an agreement or order requiring him to do so.

If I can move it, can I take it and park it in one of his apartment parking spaces?

One thing I’ve heard of people doing in situations like this… Rent a space somewhere (some places like Public Storage will rent you parking space for RVs, etc.), pay for one month, send him the key / gate code via certified mail and let him know that you paid for one month, the next payment will be due on xx date… So he can either come pick it up, or continue to pay for storing it there. That puts the burden of getting it done on him (or he loses it), plus it shows you gave him ample notice and opportunity to come get it.

** I am not a lawyer, just speaking from what my own experience and research has taught me **

Technically, you can move it wherever you wish. He has relinquished his rights in it to you.