Divorce after adultry

how much trouble is it to get a divorce if wife is comitting adultry and when she left said she didnt want nothing but cloths and she is wanting divorce dont think she would contest divorce at all would it be expencive and could i use one of the quick divorces online

This is more a legal issue (I’m not an attorney, but the attorney(s) are over on the legal issues forum), but in NC, the only means a divorce will be granted is if the parties have been separated (living separate and apart) for at least one full year. There are no exceptions.

On the other hand, if the two parties have indeed been separated (and at least one can demonstrate this), any contesting of the divorce itself is pretty much futile.

(This does not include property division, nor any issues with children, though. Those have to be filed before or during the divorce filing.)

You can have a lawyer to talk to about getting a divorce. Tampa divorce attorneys - (http://lasleylaw.com/practice-areas/divorce.html) can help you know your grounds and your advantage on the case. He can also help you gain custody of your children if you have.

This is NC, not Tampa, FL, and the laws are different in this state.

In this case, no one is seeking an advantage. They simply want to divorce with as little hassle as possible. My advice is to meet with a local attorney and begin drafting a separation agreement to divide all assets/debts from the marriage. Then you wait your year and file.