Divorce and Child Support


Please know that I have been separated from my husband for 2 years. We have one son together. The only property we have together is a Chevy Tahoe which is my only car, but both of our names are on the title. I am requesting that he sign over his rights of the truck to me. How much will it cost to get alimony and child support from him?

I am a full time law student and is not working. However, he is working. I am requesting that he pay the attorney fees.

I would like to get this started as quickly as possible. Please advise on the time frame for me to be divorced with the alimony and get the support for my son??

Please advise if this is at all possible for me to receive.

I look forward in working with you very soon.

I would suggest you schedule a consultation with an attorney in your county to discuss the best way to move forward with your claims. It sounds like you may need to file a lawsuit for spousal support and child support, but it really depends on the facts and circumstances of your case. Be sure that you address your spousal support and property division issues before an absolute divorce is granted, or those claims will be lost.