Look up divorcing him from bed and board. He has committed adultery and continues to do so, so he is therefore breaking the law. It was very charitable of you to try to welcome the two innocent children into your life, by the way. I applaud you. Conversely, my supposedly Southern Baptist ex-wife told me that she wished my new baby would die of cancer.

I can virtually assure you that you will live relatively close to your means now, but you really need an attorney to defend you. You can always sue for your attorney’s costs, which you will probably get.


In reference to the prior post, see NC General Statute 50-7 for grounds for divorce from bed and board. In response to your question about same standard of living after divorce, it really is difficult to maintain the same standard of living if the income that once supported your household would now be supporting two. Start working on what you and your children would need to meet your financial needs, so you can make decisions and requests for support.

Since your husband is also the father of twins, when child support for your children is determined, he will also receive credit for his financial obligations to the twins too. That means that the support for your children would be based on both of your gross incomes, with this obligation calculated into the formula. See our web site for the child support calculator.

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My husband and I was married in 2004, shortly after marriage I found out he possible had a baby on the way by another women (knew this was a possibility before we married but felt no need to tell me). Several months later I found out he was the father of twins which was conceived two months before our wedding day. My husband and I have children together so I decided to try and make our marriage work the best way I knew how, so I agreed to let the twins come into our home for the weekend and shortly after their visit I found out my husband was still having an affair with the twins mother. My husband will not admit to having the affair but the twins mother told me they were still sleeping together (I also found a credit care stated to a hotel room which was reg. in my husband name). I asked my husband to leave our home but he refused to leave but he did move into the guestroom. My husband pays majority of the bills and want to know what my chances are of ended this marriage and still being able to live my same lifestyle, would my husband have to hold up his portion of the bills? Do I have to allow these twins into our home?