Has it been notarized? if not then its no good, and the worse thing you can do is move out.

In Virginia the agreement does not have to be notarized in order for it to be a binding agreement. However, if your wife did not disclose all of the financial and property assets to you then you may ask that the agreement be disregarded.

good morning, i live in virginia, last april my wife ask me to leave because of our differences. she is a barred lawyer. she hasn’t work since she was barred in 2001. she typed a separation agreement and she verbally explained the contents of the agreement. i signed the agreement without fully understanding because i felt that since she was a lawyer she wouldn’t deceive me, i signed over the title to my house and my car. i also agreed to pay a certain amount until she get on her feet. she told me that it shouldn’t take more than 6 mths to accomplish her goals. the question i have is this a legal binding document with her knowledge of the law over mines. what can i do?