DIY vs. A Hired Attorney

Married July 14, 2009
Purchased a house, August 14, 2009—I am not on the mortgage but listed on the property deed
Separated July 29, 2010
A personal loan for plantation shutters & 2”window blinds for about $7,000 is in my name
No legal separation agreement was completed
My husband has been a government contractor in Kuwait since 1999
I have not spoken to my husband since July 2010, but he was in the U.S.A. August 2010 and I asked to meet to resolve the marriage, he did not meet

I want a divorce now, I want to resume my madien name, I want him to assume responsibility of the loan and I will give up my rights to the house, etc for his payment on the loan as paid in full. I sent an email stating I would petition the courts for a divorce and would request he assume responsibility/payment of the loan for the window coverings/blinds, he did not respond. I do not want any of his property and I dont want him to have any of my property ($$ in bank accounts, retirements, stocks, bonds, cars, insurance policies, etc).

I want a divorce and want him out of my life but he should assume responsiblity for the blinds since they were customed made for our house and he is living in the house. He has more money than I do and has the financial ability to pay for the blinds. I need direction, should I DIY (your online coaching service) or hire an attorney? I just want this over the most effective/correct/legal and inexepensive way. How do I serve the papers to him in Kuwait? Please help Freed 2011. Thank you

Depending upon how much money was accrued in your retirement account, stocks, bank accounts etc., during your short marriage, versus the equity/blinds in the marital home, you need to add everything up and see whether it would actually cost you more (meaning you’d have to pay him) if you filed for equitable distribution that if you didn’t. If you feel that you would be owed money from him (and not the other way around), then you should file a claim for equitable distribution before your divorce is finalized. If he may actually come out ahead in the ED, then you might want to consider cutting your losses. Then go ahead and file for divorce since you’ve been separated over a year and he is not in contact with you.

If you do need to file for ED, my recommendation to you would be to use the services of an attorney. If you are just going to file for divorce, the DIY service may be all the support you need. You should be able serve him the Complaint in Kuwait via FedEx.

When using the unlimited coaching service will I be guided through the following for my divorce case:

resume madien name
release me from the marital real estate property–deed/liability
release him from my property (retirment, stocks, bank accounts, etc.)

I want to have my divorce and not be worried about having to deal with him AT ALL once the divorce is finalized.

Thank you.

Yes. DIY will help you to help yourself prepare your separation agreement wherein you can resolve all of these issues. Resumption of maiden name will be included in your divorce Complaint, and DIY has forms and assistance for that as well.