Do I have a case?

I am legally divorced since 1/2008. I have a 15 yr old daughter with whom I share joint custody with father and lives with me. The divorce was granted due to irreconcilable differences, however, there was another woman involved.
This woman is currently married to a man that lives in OH. She commutes to NC where the 3 of us, me, my ex and my ex’s married girlfriend all work together. For the last 5 years, this woman has crossed the line with me in so many
ways. She has forged school documents for my daughter, my has been in my home, invited by my daughter without my permission, she has removed my daughter whole wardrobe and taken it to her fathers where she is living also. She
has said her last name is the same as mine at my daughters dentist office, she has taken my daughter out driving without my permission (she has her learners permit) She has stalked me in the sense that she has tracked my airline reservations
and reported to another person of where I am and with who. The latest, she and her husband purchased a home across the street from me that my my ex works on daily. She has rented the house out to 3 other coworkers. Also, as of a few days ago, they have turned me into HR at work claiming that I have been telling other employees to stay away from them. (which I have not) I am ready to pursue this matter legally and would like to carry it out to fullest extent of the law. What are my rights ?

It is a criminal act for her to forge your name, but that is beyond the scope of this forum.