Do I have any rights?

My husband and I have been married for 2 years, recently seperated I have relocated to Atlanta. My question is 1.) If the house was purchased in his name only before marriage, then what? I put down the earnest money and also have proof of 1/2 money for mortagage each month. Also, if he refinanced while we were married does that give me more entitlement. 2.) He purchased a car in his name for me and agreed to pay the note while I was waiting for work here in Atlanta. I have since moved into an apartment from my siste’s and cannot afford the note along with my rent. Now he is threatning to have the car picked-up and has already dropped me from his health insurance. He says he can’t keep me on because I am in Georgia. Do I have any recourse for spousal support, I moved on his request (I have emails) and all the items in the house that I helped pay for are still there.