Do I need 1 or 2 attorneys?

My wife has served me papers for Divorce of bed & board 45 days ago. It referenced a 30 day timeframe for my response. An attorney I have used in past for other issues requested a 30 day extension which he said is very common. I have to counter because she is asking for full custody & I pay her legal fees. She was the one that had the affair and I’m the one out of my house & not with my children!!!

I am pursuing a suit for Alienation of Affection & Criminal Conversation, just have not actually sat down for the consult yet to get the ball rolling. Guess I was hoping we could work things out & make it more civil.

Question is “should I hire the same attorney to handle the Divorce and the AA/CC suits or is it more wise to have two seperate attorneys? What are the advantages or disadvantages both ways?”

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!

You can use separate attorneys if you want to. I don’t know if there’s a distinct advantage one way or the other. I can say that most family law attorneys also are competent to represent you on A of A and CC claims as well. Our firm handles both. I will also say that A of A is very expensive to litigate, so you will certainly have to pay an additional fee to your attorney if you choose to stay with the same one.

YES! you can use separate attorneys if you want to…It’s important to ask a lot of questions in order to get a feel for the type of lawyer you will feel comfortable with.