Does anyone else have this problem? Control freak

They are ALL Like that.[;)] Not knowing all the circumstances, I would suggest to quit switching time with him at all, at least until he quits asking for all YOUR time. If you have an order for what days, or weeks are yours then stick to it. I don’t think he’d have much of a case to go back to court because you aren’t willing to give up your time with the children.

Ex requested to switch 4 weekends of my custody and an additional two weekends of my custody. I offered him a proposal that rearranged the schedule so that the custody he desired would fall on all of those weekends, but he refused it—wasn’t good enough–when all I was trying to do was even the time and give him what he wanted. Because of my situation, with a judge who “gives” me nothing, I am positive he will find a way to get this in Court. I don’t know what else I could have done and he’s the type if you give him what he wants, then he doesn’t want it. He is constantly finding a way to take more and more of my custodial time away and I am really tired of always giving in when he offers nothing in return. Anyone else have someone who is hell bent to have his cake and eat it too? Please advise. Thanks.