Does custody agreement apply after child has a child?

I am a non-custodial parent and I keep my children every other weekend. Our custody agreement is defined in a separation agreement and there has never been a court order in place. My 16 year old just had a baby, does the current agreement still apply to her or is she considered an adult now? She wants to continue to come to my home every other weekend and her mother is refusing to let her go. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea to go back and forth with the baby. How much control can her mother have since my daughter is now a mother herself? Also, her mother is threatening to take my daughters baby if she tries to spend the night with her at our home. Is that legal? It seems like abuse to me.

Unless and until there is an amended Separation Agreement your are still entitled to your visitation with your daughter. As the baby’s mother, your daughter has the right to bring the baby along.