Does this agreement still count?


Dear endofmarriage:

Greetings. No, the claim is not going to be dismissed if he does not set the date. Actually, you can even set the date for the divorce, even if he filed it.

The original agreement counts and no, you cannot file another action for divorce against him unless he dismisses his action. You can file an answer and counterclaim asking for one, but that would be slightly redundant. Thank you and good luck.

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My husband and I had signed a separation and property agreement before he filed the divorce claim to the court (he’s plantiff). Now before he set the court date, he suddenly changed his mind, he wanted the agreement to be re-done in a totally opposite way. He asked me to sign the new agreement, otherwise he won’t set the court date. If he won’t set the court date, that means the claim is going to be dismissed, am I correct? Do I have the right to set the court date?

Another question is if I go ahead to file another divorce as plantiff agaist him, can the original agreement still count?

Please give your legal advise. Thanks very much in advance!