Dont know where else to turn


I just seperated from my husband after only a year of marriage. We had a daughter prior to our marriage and arranged a custody agreement before we got back together and then got married. In that agreement was the stipulation that neither party bring our now 2 year old around anyone that either is dating until it has been at least 6 months. My spouse immediately started dating someone else and has had her over multiple times while my daughter has been in his care. I know this because I live in the same apartmetn complex and have seen it for my own eyes. I have confronted him and he continues to do it anyways. He is a deputy as well. Why is it fair that he can get away with going against the agreement? What is the point in an agreement if they don’t have to be followed. What are my options??? I have an 11 year old step daughter who has seen her father ( my diughters father) go thru woman after woman and it has emotionally damaged her. This is why it was put in the agreement to begin with. I do not want it having the same affect on my daughter in the long run. Please help.


Is the custody agreement from the court? If not, maybe it should be. If it is, and he’s not following it, I’m sure that there is something you could do through the court system.


The only way to really enforce an agreement regarding custody is to file an action for custody and let the court put an order in place that will then be enforceable by contempt.