Dr. won't let me drive


I’m pregnant and due the middle of Jan. My Dr. has advised me not to drive more than 30 miles from home/hospital.

I live in Nashville, and my ex is in NC. We ususally meet half way to drop off and pick up the boys for their visitation. I’ve advised my ex that I’m not able to drive more than the 30 miles, and would be happy to do so, however he’s threatening me with contempt if I don’t drive them up to half way. I’ve explained that I could go into labor at any time,and can’t be far from the hospital, but he say’s that’s my problem, not his, and that I’d better have the boys there, or else.

If I have written instructions from my Dr. not to drive, can he really bring any legal charges against me?

Our agreement states (at his insistance) that only a “blood relative” can drop off or pick up the boys. My family will not drive them, so I have no one else.

The last time I took my boy friend with me to pick up the boys and my ex assaulted him and was arrested by the Kingston Police for disturbing the peace.