Drug use as a reason to make spouse leave

Is there a qualifier on drug use to be considered a reason to make some one move out? After 3 years of marriage counseling with 3 different people, brain scans(I was afraid there was a tumor) and drs appts(I made him get a physical), I have found out that the reason for his craziness is cocaine. I haven’t confronted him but want him to move out and I think he will refuse. I don’t want to see him get arrested but I can’t have that in my house with my children and I am scared of him because he is erratic and delusional…lots of lying and sneaking around in the middle of the night. What are my options?

There is nothing that you can do to automatically force someone to move out of the residence unless there is a reason to obtain a protective order for either yourself or your children. if there are no reasons for obtaining a protective order, and he refuses to leave, the first step would be to file for a divorce from bed and board.