ED Affidavit - How do you Value? Classic Cars?

I am faced with filling out the financial affidavit for a ED conference in july.

Fortunately we have no Credit Card debt, or investments like stock or 401K or retirement to divide…

unfortunately he is a back yard mechanic who picks up cheap cars and flips them for profit. AND owns a number of classic cars.

How do i put a value on the stuff? he has a 1964 Pontiac Gran prix, 1964 Ford Pickup, 1972 Chevelle… etc… in various states of assembly or condition.
plus multiple other vehicles.

I had a list of the vehicles on the porperty when we separated, but i have NO clue if he still has any of them…

You can estimate values as you believe them to be, if the value is disputed, you can seek an appraisal of the items.