ED Claim tossed out....Partition?


I have been back and forth in court for over a year and while I was representing myself for most of the time I pulled my attorney back in for the equitable distribution portion and now I am utterly lost. Heres the deal: so we signed a premarital agreement and the judge decided the prenup was valid in terms of property and the claim to equitable distribution was dismissed but the alimony claim stands. So my question now is how in the world does a partition work? Is there any separate and marital property anymore or is everything 50/50 even though I have been paying for evvveerrything? Should I reduce all my payments to the minimum or is everything more or less ‘frozen’ from date of separation? This is a hard topic to research.



I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your question. Could you rephrase it or provide more details?