Elderly and court appearance



I need an answer. My mother, age 77, has been going through proceedings for two years. The Final Hearing is scheduled for February l8. However, she has suffered two fractures and it is unlikely she can make the Court appearance. Her lawyer has informed us that if she cannot attend, the hearing will be postponed indefinitely. The lawyer stated that she MUST attend the hearing even if brought via ambulance. Is this the fact? Is it not possible to have a representative for her? Can the attorney not serve as her representative? This is in SC so I just don’t know. What can one do in a situation like this? I mean, she is going to rehabilitation and may not recover from this at all! Then what? What if she dies? Her health is horrendous! I believe a divorce can be granted after death. Certainly, the party affected cannot be in Court if that happens! Jeez! An answer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


I cannot advise you as to what the law in SC is. The scope of this forum is limited to North Carolina law.