End is in sight . . . I think


After 20 months of firing and receiving endless legal salvos, producing reams of financial documents, and of course paying thousands in legal fees, the end may be in sight.
Over 30 days ago my lawyer sent her lawyer a letter stating that we had a professional appraisal done on my home, the value of improvements were judged to be $3,000,so I owed my Ex $1,500. (which I would produce in gold daubloons in a heartbeat to get this finished). It has been 15 days since the date we asked for a response, and we have heard nothing, zip, nada.
My lawyer is proceeding to file a motion for summary judgement, so everything seems to be going my way except: In spite of numerous offers we have made to settle over the months, we have yet to receive the first response. She is in debt up to her hinny, so I know she needs a big settlement. This doesn’t make any sense at all to me.
Have any lawyers had a case where no offer was ever received, and why would they fail to make an offer? Something about this just doesn’t smell right to me.