Enough Is Enough

What would that accomplish? It may be you feel you are being bled dry from your ex. And it may be true, but not every woman is out to get more than fair share. I left after 10 years of marriage carring just my person possesions and my son’s personal posessions. What I actually left with is a credit rating that dropped over 200 points in a year because he refused to take my name off his mortgage (I never asked for any part of the house)or his checking account (which he swore he did) He hasn’t paid child support consistantly and is over 7000.00 in arrears. He hasn’t paid for our son’s dentist, even though I pay for all of the medical insurance and co pays. Sure, go ahead, put your money in an ofshore account, go sit in jail. Fill the courts with motions… I’ll still be sitting here scrimping and saving to pay for my son’s camp while he believes his daddy hung the moon. I admit I have had my angry days, but all in all, I am putting my son first. The rest will either work out or not. There is nothing I can do about his behavior, just like there is nothing you can do about your EX. If she is acting vindictive and petty, you hiding out in jail isn’t going to stop her, just add fuel to her fire. While I know your situation is tough for you, blaming all women who want a divorce isn’t the answer.

You are precisely the type of “Gentlemen” that catalyzed the scenarios you describe. It is because of “men” like you that attorneys like those at Rosen are gainfully employed. I be you are one of those “men” that think your “child support” should consist of buying a package of diapers and a jar of food now and then. I’m sorry that such a fine service as the one Rosen provides was abused by a “man” like you.

I have been though the ropes got my shirt and wear it as well old saying been there and done that
lets all face it todays poeple are garbage all they want is money and to have there face in fame is this right? NO it is not right
What about the children no body ever looks at them until its to late then what? its the others fault well wake up all its all our fault for looking out for our children
I have worked very hard with my children these years my ex can care less for them just money to prove this I had to go to court to give her money for our daughter’s teeth $300 + wow thats a lot but we the good parent is wrong in wanting to do the right.
What do we do I would very much like to here so one tell what is the right and wrong and tell the court that because I know I will be going back very again why my childern do not want to stay with her any more and I do not not know what to do
Sorry for the long one
Thank you


It is time to put a stop to this BS Divorce Industry.

If, your wife files for divorce, just ignore the summons.
Tell them they can send you to jail. You don’t care.
Let them fill up the jails! Stop paying the bills. Stop paying
the mortgage. Put all your money into an overseas account. Once
they states realize that incarcerating you isn’t going to get
them what they want, they will kick you out of their jail so they
can reduce cost. Then your overseas account is there to help
you get anew start on life.

Stop feeding the system and make it expensive for the states and put the lawyers out of business! Then, and only then will things change
and men stop getting screwed while the lawyers get rich
off your misery!

And, while your in jail, use the legal libray to its fullest extent
and flood the courts with motions. Start a squeeky wheels program
in your jail with everyone you can.

Fill the jails! Shut the courts down! Break the state coffers!