Equitable distribution of land

Since seperating in April, 2010, I have paid all taxes and mortgages on an unimproved piece of property purchased with my husband. Do I get any credit for payments made since the seperation or must the value of the property be split 50-50 even if my spouse made no payments?

You should receive credit for half the carry expenses of marital property in the final ED settlement.

A couple of questions…

  1. I paid all the costs, taxes, ect. because spouse claimed they could not. Am I allowed to get credit for all the carrying costs?
  2. I have been told that unimproved real estate, like land, is not entitled to be treated the same with regard to carrying expenses like a house with a mortgage. Is this true?
  1. He owes you half the the carry cost you incurred.
  2. Nope. Treated the same way.