Equitable distribution

During my mariage, I sent $28,000 from my separate funds (from outside the country) for my wife to be able to buy a business. (her employees tried to buy the business next to her and stole the clients list, so it was to protect her main business that we had to buy it before them)

The deal was always that it was a loan to my wife (but I don’t have any promissory note) and it was my money and would stay my money.
After our separation, she sold the business for the same price she bought it ($28,000).

How can I dispute this during the equitable distribution hearing because she will try to put that as a marital assets and keep half ?
I can trace the money as separate funds (evidences: bank statements from Europe where the money was sent and bank statements of our bank account here that “received” the money)

Thank you

You will have to testify regarding your intention that the money was a loan to your Wife, and the court may, based on all the evidence, allocate those funds as your separate property.