Equitable Distribution


What if? What if I cannot pay what the judge says I am to pay? I have the children and she does not pay child support, but the judge will order me to pay on property that is not worth what he has determined. If they put a judgement on me then I will have to also pay interest. I was told it is 8%. What happens if I cannot pay? What options are available? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you…


It’s not clear to me from your question whether you have an order issued or not. If it has already been ordered, you always have the option to appeal the judge’s decision on equitable distribution. Otherwise, if he or she orders that you owe a specific amount, you must pay that amount. Simply claiming that you cannot afford it doesn’t get you out of the obligation. You may have to liquidate an asset in order to come up with the amount you owe as a distributive award. You can also request that the distributive award be structured so that you pay it over time.