Equitable Distribution


If the equitable distribution has not been finalized it can be disputed after the absolute divorce has been granted. If it was finalized and a final agreement was signed or ordered then no, you spouse can not come back after the divorce and dispute anything unless there were things not disclosed.
Example would be that if you have a 401K that you did not disclose in the agreement the ex could dispute that the ED should be reopened…
but if everything was disclosed there should be no reason. Read closely over your paperwork. If it states that all matters have been resolved then unless there was something hidden during proceedings the ex’s attorney could not file against it.


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Thanks for the advice. To clarify, yes there was a formal written agreement and yes it stated it was the final agreement agreed by both parties. And no children or alimony is involved.


After a divorce is finalized, can a spouse contest the equitable distribution agreed upon by both parties well in advance of the divorce?