Establish date of separation?


I received a trial notice for post separation support, interim ed, tcs, and tco. And “establish date of separation”. I wanted to know why the latter would be on my notice. I served papers in August, and we were still living together because neither would leave. We got a court order for him to leave in October,and because I was the one who wanted to leave (just didn’t want to jeopardize leaving the house with a child), we agreed for me to move out and I did so in November.

  1. I am just wondering if he is going to try to establish a separation date after August because he liquidated quite a bit of money from his 401K after the August date. And can this be done?

  2. What is TCO? We have already gone through mediation and finalized custody.

Thanks so much


I have no idea what your ex’s intentions are with respect to the date of separation, as it sounds as if it is well established, and will be easy for you to prove.

TCO- likely means temporary custody. If you do not have a court order in place one needs to be set up, either according to the terms you have discussed, or if those are no longer agreeable, according to the terms the court finds to be in the best interests of the children.