Ex dragging feet...attorneys involved, any harm in filing?

Seperated 1.5 yrs. Had basic seperation agreement notorized at time of seperation. Attorneys now involved and we’ve reached a stand still. House in foreclosure because ex refuses to pay (he’s living there)…he’s planning on filing for bankruptcy (however we have one joint account >$10,000), and he’s dragging his feet taking 2+ weeks to respond to anything from my attorney. We’ve agreed on no alimony, no childsupport, 50/50 custody, and division of property has been completed (minus debt).

If he’s not cooperating and continuing to drag his feet, is there any harm in just having my attorney file for divorce? This is getting really expensive and I dont want to go to trial, but I’m just so ready to be done with it all. We have 2 small kids that this is wearing on too…but its all very personal for him, and he’s very bitter.

If you are represented by counsel it is best for you to direct your questions to your attorney. Your attorney is most intimately acquainted with the facts of your case, and is in the best position to advise you regarding strategy.