Ex gets child to lie to police

went over to the house last week to cut the grass and play with my children. ex has been denying my weekends but she has not had an issue with me cutting the grass. actually she let me come in the house 5 days prior to this incident. i knock on the door and the children wont come ex is upstairs sleeping. i keep knocking and they finally come to the door i tell them to open the door so i could talk to them and they tell me they aren’t allowed. i said i am your father not a stranger i should not have to talk to you through the glass. so finally my mother in law comes down and cracks the door and i tell her how i feel then the wife comes out and starts giving me a problem so i decide to leave then the police showed up.

here is where i have a big issue she got my 8yo to tell the police he was scared and so he called 911. i got a tape from 911 today and it is the ex. would a judge consider getting an 8yo to lie to the police in an official investigation be looked at as at least a credibility issue? i plan on going after her for breach in regards to my weekends plus the clause that says no disparaging remarks about the other parent. also her lawyer put in a breach clause that says if one of us has to bring suit (as long as it is in good faith) then the defendant has to pay court costs and legal fees so i guess i will put that in too.

I certainly agree that you need to file an action for breach based on her refusal to allow you to exercise your custodial time. Her actions in having your 8 year old call the police for no legitimate reason should also be presented to the court. You are also entitled to seek attorney’s fees.